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November 29th, 2014

Professional Summary

-    Strong experience in setup, deployment and configuration of RHEL based servers in an enterprise environment
-    Setup and Maintenance of MySQL and configuration or replication across multiple machines
-    Configuration of IBM BladeCenters and x86 based IBM blades
-    Configuration of IBM xSeries Servers
-    Strong experience in scalable web environments
-    Experience in monitoring and trending of server environments
-    Setup and Configuration of Puppet Configuration Management
-    Setup of NetApp Appliances

Software, Systems, and Languages

IBM BladeCenter & xSeries, BNT, Alteon & IOS based switches, Netapp Filers

Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS Linux, Perl, Python, Java Script, Apache, Lighttpd, MySQL, Sun Grid Engine, HTML, BIND, Hobbit/Xymon Monitor, Kickstart, RPM, Cobbler, Koan, NIS, Puppet, FUNC, Xen, HAproxy, Keepalived


Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist, RHEL5
Certification Number: 805009635238850
February 2011

RHCA Directory Services and Authentication Endorsement
November 2009

RHCA Enterprise Clustering and Storage Management Endorsement
March 2010

RHCA Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management Endorsement
February 2011

Red Hat Certified Engineer, RHEL5
Certification Number: 805009635238850
April 2009


Appia, Inc
Senior DevOps Engineer
Durham, NC
November 2013 – Current

Design, develop and implement an automated Linux (Centos, Amazon) infrastructure using Puppet, MCollective and AWS and move existing applications off windows seamlessly to it while aggressively growing.

Working with automating and sizing infrastructure and monitoring for Kafka, Storm, Zookeeper, Redis, Aerospike, JBoss, Tomcat, Elastic Beanstalk, Flume, Graylog, and Vertica.  Automating release and ops tasks with Jenkins.

Manage infrastructure serving 1mm+ events per minute.

Founder & Innovator
Durham, NC
January 2012 – January 2014

Beertronics is based in Durham, North Carolina, we develop software and hardware for use in collecting information about the serving of beer from kegs. Our SoTap™ system provides an inexpensive means of collecting usage data from each tap line in a beer serving establishment. Our goal is to provide an easy way to collect data about what is on tap, to provide trending data about how long it is on tap, peak selling times, pricing, while interfacing with Point of Sale systems to provide information about loss. In addition to the behind-the-scene usage reports for owners, we also provide an easy to implement, digital tap list using televisions within their establishment and social media integration. These always up-to-date listing of taps is automated to keep customers aware of what is currently on tap.

Senior Linux Systems Engineer, Scientific Computing – Computational & Structural Chemistry Department
Research Triangle Park, NC
November 2010 – November 2013

Adapted the US based software application kit, Puppet management and our CentOS build to function in the UK and France.  Setup and migrated all department server to a new RTP based server room and configured a global cluster for the department.  Setup included everything from racking the servers to setting up a complex 10Gbe network.

Linux Systems Engineer, Scientific Computing – Computational & Structural Chemistry Department
June 2009 – November 2010

Managing Linux Clusters used by the Computational Chemistry and Crystallography Departments on multiple sites.  Implemented a complete central system management and monitoring system using Puppet and Xymon and implemented cluster management using Cobbler used over multiple sites.   Designed and implemented an upgrade path from RHEL4 to RHEL5 which included maintaining support for older programs not supported in RHEL5. Responsible for upgrades and in-house modifications to scientific software used by the groups.   Supporting Linux based workstations used by scientists in both departments.

McClatchy Interactive
Linux Systems Engineer – Technology Department
Raleigh, NC
November 2006 – May 2009

Part of a 4 person team that deploys and maintains McClatchy Interactive’s 350+ server farm.  Comprised mainly of IBM blades running RHEL and copper Nortel networking equipment, these systems serve all of The McClatchy companies 31 Daily and hundreds of weekly and sister sites.  Day to day maintenance of our IBM servers as well as deployment and upgrades of current production servers to RHEL5.  Heavy use of our cobbler based KickStart system utilizing Koan for fast deployment.  Use of Yum and up2date for keeping system packages up to date, as well as using our in house rpm repository for deployment of in house packages.  Modification of our CFengine based configuration management systems for easy server deployments and maintenance changes.  Heavy use and setup of Hobbit monitoring systems, as well as the creation multiple monitoring and reporting scripts for Xend, MySQL server monitoring and MySQL backup verification, and IBM blade center monitoring.

Software Developer – Development Department
May – November 2006

Helped develop and maintain McClatchy Interactive’s software suite with a focus on the systems architecture and database administration.  Work with Perl, PHP, shell scripting, and SQL (on MySQL and Postgres databases) in a Linux environment.  Worked as part of the Infrastructure group and created a MySQL maintenance script to monitor and maintain our MySQL database farms.  This included replication, backups and backup growth, and log/replication file cleanup as well as trend/status reporting to our monitoring systems.   Ported our AP wire feed parser to Perl from C++.

Support Developer – Support Department
April 2005 – May 2006

Support McClatchy Interactives’ software by working with a small support team to make sure that all mission critical operations are functional for more then 40 online papers.  Work on everything from simple HTML to server software setup.   First hand work with Real Media Ad Systems, Real Networks Streaming Servers, all of McClatchy’s software, Mailman, Lyris ListManager.

Devine and Pearson: A Strategic Communications Agency
Intern – HTML Content and Design Implementation
Quincy, MA
January – April 2003

Helped implement new Web sites, including Wentworth and Ocean Spray, designed by creative department using Dreamweaver, Homesite, and Photoshop. Updated and repaired existing client Web sites. Created “wire frames” to show navigation of client Web sites before the build.

Webhood, Inc.
Computer Technician, Network Administrator, Tech Support
Cambridge, MA
May – August 2002

Served as primary PC-based, Windows (NT, 2000, 98, XP) repair and deployment technician, working independently.  Repaired off-lease PCs donated by local businesses to Webhood then deployed them at Cambridge area youth centers. Other jobs included installing and repairing network wiring, switches and routers as well as answering questions from centers’ staffs.


Wentworth Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science
Boston, MA
August 2004


Exceptional Science Award – “For design & implementation of a robust, vendor-independent CSC scientific computing environment.  This has provided a unified scientific computing infrastructure and Comp Chem US and global Crystallography, fostering inter-site CSC collaboration and enhancing CSC’s focus on science and productivity of business partners.”
August 2011
  • Setup and Configuration of Puppet Configuration Management

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